Daly Wellness LLC, owned and operated by Cait Daly specializes in providing the highest quality of personal training and health and wellbeing related services. Here at Daly Wellness we have a firm respect for the minds power over the body. This philosophy is at the centre of all we do and all we hope to achieve with our clients. Not only are we committed to fostering visual change in our clients, but to also improving their mental and psychological state. We understand that taking care of ones health may not be the top priority. Therefore we have designed a variety of different services that allows everyone, regardless of schedule, to exercise. Clients will have the option to either work face to face with our certified personal trainers, or have access to hundreds of step by step videos tailored to their needs, that can be done at home or in a gym. We are committed to working around you and to making your transition into the you of the future, easier and faster.

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In addition to their professionalism Cait and her companies approach to fitness is innovative! Every session with them is not only customized for my short and long term personal goals, they find ways to creatively address my "requirements in the moment". Cait also makes every workout new and fresh, never boring. I look forward to my morning sessions. Her upbeat personality inspires and motivates me!

- Jo Keegan -



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